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   Adding a Hyperlink to a Document
As an online tool, it makes sense that Docs allows you to create hyperlinks that lead to other resources online. Here's how to add them to your documents.

   Adding a Table of Contents
A table of contents is a great organizational tool, especially for longer documents. When you decide you want to add a table of contents to one of your documents, Docs makes it easy. Here's how.

   Adding an Image to a Document
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is fortunate that Docs allows you to easily add images to your documents. There are a couple of ways you can go about adding them, as described in this tip.

   Adding Fonts to Docs
If Docs only provided one or two fonts for displaying document text, it wouldn't be taken seriously as a word processor. Fortunately, Docs provides a way that you can add an almost unlimited number of fonts to the program. Here's how.

   Converting a PDF to a Docs File
Need to get the text out of a PDF file so that you can edit it? Docs makes it easy by offering to convert the file for you as you upload it; this tip shows how.

   Converting a Word Document to Docs Format
Many documents start out in Microsoft Word, but you may need to move them to Docs so you can share and collaborate with others. Here's the quick way to get Word documents into a Docs format.

   Creating and Saving a Document
Need to start writing your new masterpiece? The first step is to create the document that will hold that opus, and then make sure you save it regularly. Here's how.

   Defining a Word
Need to know what a particular word means? Google Docs includes a built-in dictionary that can make it super easy to find out the definition of a word in your document.

   Deleting a Table of Contents
For longer documents, a table of contents can be a handy feature. At some point, though, you may decide to get rid of a TOC you previously added. Here's how to do it.

   Deleting Fonts from Docs
If you previously added a custom font to Google Docs and you no longer need to use that font, you should remove it. Here's how to take the necessary steps.

   Downloading Documents to Your Local Computer
Want to pull a document out of the cloud and store it on your local hard drive? Google Drive provides the ability to get any of your files to your local system.

   Easily Adding a Graphic to a Document
Need to spice up your document with a graphic? Here's the quickest way we've found to get those graphics where you want them.

   Extending Docs
Longing for a feature in Docs that you can't find in the program? The answer may be to look for and install an add-on. Here's an overview of how you can extend Docs using convenient add-ons.

   Getting a Word Count
It is often helpful to know how many words you've typed in a document. Perhaps you have a target word count, or you can't go over a particular threshold. Fortunately, Docs makes it easy to figure out how many words are in either a selection or the entire document.

   Problem with Word Counts
It seems there is a bug in the Docs word counter tool that may be apparent for certain types of writing? Read on to find out if this bug could affect you.

   Quickly Copying Formatting
Need to quickly copy formatting from one area to another in your document? Docs makes it easy through the Paint Format tool.

   Removing a Hyperlink
Hyperlinks allow you to extend the reach of your document, providing pathways to outside resources that readers may find helpful. Here's how to get rid of hyperlinks you previously added to a document.

   Removing Formatting
Need to quickly remove formatting from a selection of text in your document? The Clear Formatting tool makes the task quick and easy.

   Renaming a Document
Need to change the name of an existing document? There are two ways you can do it, using either Docs or Drive.

   Researching Using Google's Resources
Got a need to search the web for more information on something you are writing about? It should be no surprise that Docs, published by Google, allows you to easily search for any term or phrase you want.

   Resizing an Image in a Document
When you first insert an image in a document, Docs tries to guess the best size for that image. Chances are good that you'll want the image to be a different size. Here's how to make the adjustment you need.

   Spellchecking an Entire Document
Google Docs includes a few tools designed to help improve your writing. One such tool is the spellchecker, which you can use to check the spelling within an entire document in one go.

   Start Sharing Documents with Your Organization
The sharing and collaboration features of Docs can be quite a boon. In fact, if applied judiciously it can radically change the way that you generate and share documents within your organization. Here are some ideas to spur your own thoughts in this area.

   Translating Documents
Need some help getting your document translated into a different language? Docs has a built-in translation tool that can provide some assistance in that area.

   Understanding Custom Dictionaries
Spellcheck a document and you have the opportunity to save a flagged word into your custom dictionary. What, exactly does that mean? Here is some information (and some gotchas) for how custom dictionaries are implemented in Google Docs.

   Updating a Table of Contents
For longer documents, a table of contents is almost a necessity. Google Docs allows you to add a TOC to a document, but at some point you may need to update it. Here's how.

   Using Automatic Substitution
Using a tool called Automatic Substitution, Docs can quickly correct things you may incorrectly type. Here's the lowdown on how this tool works.

   Using Bookmarks
Bookmarks are helpful in defining locations in your document that you can later link to. Here's the story on how to use them effectively.

   Using Find and Replace
One of the basic editing tasks in any document is to find and replace information. Docs includes a basic tool that allows you great flexibility in finding information and, optionally, replacing it.

   Viewing a Revision History for a Document
Need to know how a document has evolved over time? Docs has your document's history available at all times. How you access that history is detailed in this tip.