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   Adding a New Slide
As you develop your presentations using Google Presentation, you no doubt will need to add new slides. Here's how you can make this task a breeze.

   Adding a Text Box
Text boxes can be a great aid in laying out the text in your slides or when you want to place text over the top of a graphic. Here's how to add one to your presentation.

   Adding Notes to a Presentation
Presentation notes can be a great help while you are speaking or they can be used to create audience handouts. Adding notes is easy enough, as described in this tip.

   Adding Video to a Slide
Videos can be an important element of any presentation. Google Presentation makes it easy to add YouTube videos to any presentation.

   Bordering a Graphic
One way to 'finish off' a graphic added to a slide is to put a border around it. Presentation provides several bordering tools you can use with your graphics.

   Changing the Theme of a Presentation
Themes allow you to apply a consistent look to all the slides in your presentation. Fortunately, Presentation allows you to easily change themes at any time.

   Copying a Slide
Need to copy an existing slide from one place to another? Presentation makes it easy to do using editing techniques you already know from other programs.

   Deleting a Slide
Do you no longer need a particular slide in your presentation? Getting rid of slides is much easier than creating them in the first place, as described in this tip.

   Formatting Text in a Slide
How you format the information in your slides can have a great impact on how your message is perceived by your audience. Here's how to use the formatting tools provided by Presentation to format text easily.

   Moving a Slide
Once your slides are created, you may have a need to change the order in which they appear. Presentation provides two easy ways to move your slides around.

   Moving Slides
Getting your slides into the order in which you need them is a big part of putting together a presentation. Here are the ways in which Presentation makes it easy to get the slides in just the right order.

   Rotating a Text Box
Text boxes are integral to the layout of many slides, especially if they contain text. Here's how to change the angle at which the text appears within those text boxes.

   Rotating Presentation Objects
Want to spin your text or other Presentation object on its horizontal or vertical axis? It's easy to do using the rotation tools provided in Presentation.