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   Adding Shared Files to Drive
When you are working in Drive, the program makes it easy to see the files to which you have access. Normally, shared files are kept separate from your personal file listings. Google provides a way to have your shared files show up in your Drive file listing, as discussed in this tip.

   Controlling the View in Drive
Drive lets you organize and work with files that it stores for you. It also gives you control over how you view the files it contains. Here's the skinny on the two views offered.

   Getting a File Count
Want to know how many files you've got stored in Drive or in a folder or two? There is no built-in tool to get the info, but here's a quick workaround.

   Limiting which File Types You See in Drive
Overwhelmed with the number of files displayed on your screen when using Drive? Here's a handy way you can limit what is displayed to only a particular file type.

   Making Fast Work of Uploading Files to Drive
What's the fastest way to get files into your Drive space? Why, dragging and dropping, of course! You'll find the complete info in this tip.

   Previewing Your Files
Want to get a glimpse of what is inside a file without evening opening it? Drive provides two distinct ways of peeking under the covers of a file, as described in this tip.

   Working with Text Files
One of the most plain-vanilla types of files you can store in Drive is a text file. Here's how to work with the content of those files once they are in Drive.