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   Adding a Chart
Charts can be a great way to enhance the impact of otherwise boring numeric data. Sheets makes it easy to add a chart to a spreadsheet by following the steps in this tip.

   Changing a Chart Title
A good finishing touch for a chart is to make sure it has a descriptive title. Here's how to modify the default title that Sheets adds to a chart.

   Changing an Axis Title
Axis titles help a reader to understand what is being displayed in a chart. Adding descriptive titles can, therefore, make your chart easier to understand. Here's how to adjust what is shown in your axis titles.

   Modifying Axis Labels
Most charts are created along axes, typically one horizontal and one vertical. (These are often referred to as X and Y axes, too.) A label along an axis can be helpful in explaining what a person is seeing in the chart. Here's how to modify the default axis labels created by Sheets.

   Wrapping Text around an Image
There are two ways that Docs can treat an image in your document: Inline or text wrapped. Here's how to make sure that text wraps around an image as you want it to.