Google Drive Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Google Drive is a evolutionary (and, at times, revolutionary) set of online tools that you can use to perform tasks historically requiring expensive business software. Drive includes a word processor (Docs), a spreadsheet program (Sheets), a presentation program (Slides), and an assortment of other tools that can help you channel your creative juices. Best of all—Google Drive is free!

Even though Google Drive is a breakthrough set of tools, that doesn't mean that they are problem free. I'm not talking about bugs in the programs; I'm talking about the frustrations that naturally arise when you can't make the programs do what you need them to do.

DriveTips is designed to help you figure out how to do the things you need to do with any of the programs that make up Google Drive. At this site you can find answers to your Drive questions, and those answers are free, just like Drive itself. This site contains a growing number of tips, tricks, and ideas on how to use the Drive programs better, faster, and more easily.

You can quickly access the answers you need on this site in two ways:

  1. Browse through the major categories for this site by choosing one of the topics listed under “Main Drive Topics,” to the left of any page.
  2. Enter your question or keywords in the search box at the top-right corner of every page.

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